The Sweetest Treats for the Sweetest Season of the Year!


Santa is coming to town and he’s giving away the sweetest holiday treats for those who are in his “Nice” list! Here are some of the best treats for everyone this season.

  1. Snowmen Oreo Pops

This treat is perfect for a White Christmas that everyone (especially the kids) is wishing for. This will definitely make them love you even more!

  1. Pretzel Wreaths

Be more adventurous with your treats with this edible wreath made out of Pretzels and Chocolates. The kids won’t be able to keep their hands away on this stuff!

  1. Peppermint Bark

If you’re looking for something pretty and sweet at the same time, you can try making this amazing peppermint bark and enjoy the night with everyone.

  1. Chocolate Covered Candy Canes

This is the easiest one on this list and you can make these even if you’re rushing on some last minute addition on your menu! You’ll only need candy canes, chocolate, and a bunch of m&m’s or any topping that you like. And you are ready to serve these!

You can watch the Video on the Next Page for the step-by-step guide on these recipes. Have fun and enjoy your Holidays!

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