Talking Siberian Huskies to Make You Laugh and Make Your Day!


Siberian huskies are known for their piercing eyes, beautiful furs and energetic nature. Their breeds are definitely one of the most amazing breeds but do you know that they can do more than bark and run around? Continue reading and this article might just change the way you see them!

Today we will show you two talking Siberian Huskies! And yep, you read that right. So prepare your dog loving hearts and be amazed!

Watch the first video below!

Video content from Kayla Cagnola’s YouTube Channel

This video from YouTube went viral with more than 11 million views. And from the caption, we figured out that the puppy’s name is Ramsey.


While Ramsey is still trying to talk like a baby in the video, we’ve found another Siberian husky that does the same thing only her words are clearer.

Meet Mishka The Talking Husky!

Mishka is a 14 year old Siberian husky and is practically a celebrity since 2008! She doesn’t just talk but also sings! So if you can’t wait to see what she does, watch the video below!

Video content from gardea23 YouTube Channel

We’ve looked up Mishka’s Facebook page and her interests include:

“Talking, Singing, Sunbathing, & Just being me!”

She’s even more talented than me!

What do you think of Ramsey and Mishka’s talents? Do you want to teach your dogs how to talk too?

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