The Tea Bag DIY That Will Amaze Every Girl


Every girls’ nails should be picture perfect. We love to keep them long and colored with our favorite nail polish.

But one of the biggest problems of your nails is when they are chipped off or break accidentally.

I usually cut them and just wait for them grow back again.

But waiting can be a pain when you just want to go back to your favorite nail spa and get them prim and long again.

So here is a DIY that will surely make every girl who loves their nails, happy!


All you need to prepare is a tea bag netting, scissors, nail file, a clear nail polish, and your favorite nail polish color (optional).

If you’re ready, watch the video below!

Video content from Eyeliner Addict’s Facebook page.

Now you can finally solve a nail-emergency without panicking and stressing yourself with this new life hack!

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