This Terrible Zoo Will Break Your Heart When You See What’s Inside It!


Photo content from the Daily Mail.

This viral video of a sun bear in an Indonesian Zoo will break your heart as you see the cruel situation that animals like him are in.


Bandung Zoo is a popular tourist spot in Indonesia. But lately, the visitors who are expecting to have fun and see healthy animals are greatly disappointed as they see these skeletal sun bears who are so hungry, they beg for food.


A wildlife monitoring group named Scorpion saw this video and went to see the zoo in person to investigate.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Gunung Gea, the director of Scorpion said:

‘When my team visited the zoo last week there was no grass or live trees on the floor of their cage. 

‘We saw a sun bear eating its own dung but when we contacted the zoo’s officers they told us the bear was medicated and we weren’t allowed to see it.’

Tori Hollingsworth who is an animal activist took the initiative and petitioned that the zoo be closed because it is not good for the animals and the visitors anymore.

Video content from the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Scorpion also made an online petition for Wildlife Authority in West Java to investigate the Bandung Zoo.

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