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Photo and video content from the Daily Mail.

This pregnant woman just received the cutest gesture from an Orangutan and it has moved her to tears!

Morgain Cole Abbot is 27 years old, from Ipscwich Suffolk and is just visiting Cole Chester Zoo when she received a sweet kiss for her baby bump from a primate through the glass barriers of the zoo.

The softie primate is called Rajang and seems to be fascinated with Morgain’s baby bump the whole time!

The gesture was filmed by the woman’s partner Liam and they decided to share the moment through Facebook.


The video has over 16000 views since it was first posted.

Morgain was so touched with how Rajang is showing his affection that she couldn’t hide her tears!

Morgain shared in an interview with the Daily Mail:

‘It was incredible he really focused on my bump and kept looking in my eyes and then pointing at my bump.

‘I couldn’t believe it when he bent down to kiss it. It was incredible and really showed his intelligence as he knew straight away I was pregnant and singled me out.’

Because Rajang’s sweet nature, the couple decided to raise fund for the Orangutan Foundation to help protect the animals.

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