Unexpected Reaction Of A Little Girl To Her Mom’s Strange Addiction!


They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But that is not what Alicia Douvall would believe.

You might recognise Alicia because of her flings with celebrities like Simon Cowell and some football players, she was also a model, socialite, and a reality T.V. star.

This 37-year old star had too much plastic surgery on her body just to look like a real life Barbie doll.


She became so addicted to “fixing” her self to the point that her daughter, Georgia, wasn’t able to recognise her after a surgery that she took. 

Georgia said that there was a time that her mom Alicia, came to her grandmother’s house to pick her up and she didn’t even recognize her own mother!

She said Alicia looked like a burn victim and remembered telling her grandmother that it’s a monster.

Alicia further pointed out that she had a dermabrasion at that time where the doctors had to remove the top layer of her skin.

This head turner celebrity became a mom of two kids but still constantly needed her daughter Georgia’s support.

Alicia says that Georgia was more of the “mom” in their family. Especially when she’s dating guys who does not treat her well, Georgia would often ask her to get rid of them.

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