Watch The Cutest Friendship On The Internet Right Now!


This duo has been taking over the social media right now. And they are buddy and Reagan!

Buddy is a 3-year old foster child and has an amazing companion Reagan, an Australian Labradoodle that everyone would love to have.

Reagan’s friendship with buddy has been spreading over the internet lately. According to Reagan’s website (and yes, it’s the dog’s website), the duo first met when they were both 11 months old and has been inseparable ever since.

Buddy and Reagan love each other so much. They do everything together from taking showers, coffee dates and even sleeping!

Here are some snapshots of their friendship that will make you want to have a Labradoodle as well!




Buddy’s foster Grandma Sandi Swiridoff, has been writing a book that will show more of his friendship with the adorable labradoodle. The charitable book is written to help raise money for a foster parent organization.

Sandi told The Daily Mail that the duo’s true story is so touching it ‘needed to be told’ and that she couldn’t keep it all to herself.

Well Sandi’s right! Because everyone should definitely see that true friendship knows no boundaries.



Photo content from The Daily Mail.

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Visit Reagan’s website here for more cute photos and information about their book!

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