This Woman Just Made The Best Miniature Room For Her Dog That Will Amaze You!


Photo content from Buzzfeed.

Betty McCall is a retired teacher from Georgia and is now living with her 4-year-old dog Poncho the chihuahua.  

And their story is getting viral because of Poncho’s little room, find out why!


Betty’s nephew, Will Rigdon got the chance to visit her for labor day and he did not expect to find the dog’s little room under a flight of stairs which almost resembles Harry potter’s on the outside.


Because of Rigdon’s fascination with this creativity, he posted the pictures online and people couldn’t help but share it around!


In an interview with Buzzfeed, McCall said that dog bed just popped on her mind when she saw the doll bed frame at a thrift store.

Aside from the bed, Betty’s sisters also joined in decorating Poncho’s little cave with furnitures like a little piano, a small cabinet, a picture frame, a rug and a decorative antler.

McCall also said that Poncho is sometimes shy to visitors and often goes to his room for alone times and even sleeps there at night.

Although she didn’t intend this room to be just like Harry Potter’s, it still showed her creativity and love for her dog which is quiet amazing!


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