The “World’s Ugliest Woman” is One of the Most Amazing Women you’ll Ever Know


We’ve all had our own shares of insecurities, especially us women. We’ve always been so sensitive about how we look and how we dress up.

Everything must be in style while our make ups should always be on “fleek”.

We also love getting complimented a lot by people. We just love being perfect. Although some of us are more privileged on their looks, we women had always been beautiful but we don’t admit that or we just can’t see that.

But what would you do if one day, while you are randomly browsing the internet, you see yourself in a video labelling you as the “The World’s Ugliest Woman”?

That is what happened to Lizzie Velasquez.


She said in an interview that it made her feel awful, upset, and angry. According to her, it took her years to pick herself up.

Lizzie was born with neonatal progeroid syndrome, a genetic disorder that keeps her from gaining weight and makes her look older for her age.

In a recent Instagram post, Lizzie spoke up about a cruel meme that has been going around in the social media with her picture on it.

Here is what she can say about it.

After conquering her bullies, Lizzie became an inspirational speaker and activist. She even became a TED speaker and showed everyone that no matter what your bullies are calling you, you can always stand against them in the most inspirational way, like she did.

And that just makes her one of the most amazing women in this generation.

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