You’ll definitely get Jealous of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively when you See This!


Photo content from Buzzfeed.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are undoubtedly one of the most perfect couples in Hollywood right now. Their relationship is almost just like a romantic story right out of the movies.

You can see the love and the care on their eyes whenever they look at each other. Ryan is also unashamed of declaring his affection for his wife.

In fact, Ryan shared a lot about his feelings for Blake on several TV shows and especially when he’s receiving awards.


He never fails to make everyone giggly with how he honours his wife in front of everyone.

So if you’re a fan of their love story, here is another update of what it going on in the Reynold’s family!

Recently, Ryan Reynolds received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But Blake isn’t the only one cheering on the sidelines for his handsome husband!

Because this time, Blake brought their kids her!

Their firstborn James is so energetic and doesn’t mind the spotlight. She seems so happy for her daddy!

This is the first time that the Reynolds family is seen together in public.

Meanwhile, Ryan didn’t forget to mention his wife in his speech and thanked her for always being by his side.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively definitely is Family goals!


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