4 Amazing Photos Crazy Cow That Thinks She’s a Dog


This farm cow thinks she’s one of the dogs and her antics are adorably cute and hilarious!


Say hi to Beryl the Brahman, the cute and adorable farm cow of the Webster family.
Beryl was raised by her owners with love and two other dogs which made her believe that she’s a house-pet. Beryl the Brahman even has her own Facebook page that her owners made for her and people around the world are getting crazy because of her cute antics!
The owners said that Beryl is a smart little cow and she would always sneak in inside the house whenever their door is open. In a Facebook post, they also clarified that Beryl is now potty trained and they would purposely leave the door open when she’s inside the house so she can do the deed outside on the grass.
The adorable cow became a celebrity when her owners first found her sitting comfortably on the living room carpet patiently waiting for them. How surprising is that?!


Sally Webster posted this picture of Beryl on Facebook with a caption:
“my husband is cooking tea. 
Halfway through doing the animals, I come in to see “how it’s going.”
I come in and my husband has a real smirk on his face plus he cannot make eye contact with me. After much pestering and him repeatedly telling me not to check his phone, he fesses up to his cheeky behaviour by showing me this photo.
Apparently he let her in to just help with tea!!! 
Can’t wait till tomorrow when she thinks she’s now allowed in the kitchen…..*sarcasm
❤️🐮❤️ (You’re lucky you’re still cute Bez)
Jake, I’ll deal with you later mate…..”
Looks like Jake, Beryl’s owner, got himself into trouble. Well, we could always use an extra hand (or hoof) from Beryl.



Here is another picture of Beryl chillin’ comfortably with one of her owners!
A lot of netizens thanked the family for their love, respect and kindness for the Brahman.
But as much as Beryl is enjoying her stay indoors, she would soon be prepared for the outdoors. Soon enough, her body won’t fit in the house anymore but her loving owners will still care and love her all the same.


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