5 Surprising Food Facts That Will Change Your Life!


Foods are very tricky. And sometimes we just need these amazing food facts to make our lives easier.

So here are a few Food hacks that will make you a pro on handling foods!

  1. How to identify if an egg is still edible

Put the egg in a bowl or glass full of water and see if it will float or stay at the bottom. If it floats, it’s not edible anymore. Because very old eggs accumulate gases that cause them to float.

2. You should not feed Avocados to birds

If you have a pet bird, avoid giving them avocados because they contain Persin that will poison birds. We love avocados but your pet birds won’t.3. Food coloring makes your kids extra hyper


Yellow and red food coloring is known to cause changes in your kids’ behavior.

4. Coffee beans are not Beans but Berries

5. Only drink freshly brewed tea. Because stale tea will irritate your stomach.

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