The Most Organized Woman Will Give You Tips On How To Declutter!


Photo content from the Daily Mail.

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to declutter our rooms and houses.

But if you are already sick of the mess and losing your stuff with all the clutter in your table, then take out pens and take down notes from this woman!

Alejandra Costello is your Decluttering Queen and she will give you tips on how to find a way to reorganize your stuff so it will not be a big pile of mess anymore!



Here are some of the tips that she gave when she appeared on Today Extra last Wednesday.


  1. You don’t need money to be organized!


‘Go around your house and look for things you’re not utilising, look for things you can re-use and re-purpose to help you get organised,’ – Alejandra Costello


  1. Set aside 15-20 mins to put things away in their places.

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