This Is The Story Of A Survivor Who Recovered Because Of The Most Unusual Friends!


Photo and video content from the Daily Mail.

This is the story of a victim and how she recovered from the dreadful experience with the help of friends that will shock you!

Sarah Varley was raped when she was 19 years old and had to face depression, vomiting and germ phobia with her post-traumatic stress disorder.

But she was able to overcome all of these with the help of her WOLF FRIENDS!

Yes, you read that right.


Varley, from California dropped her weight to 91lbs after having a bad habit of eating only three raisins and three walnuts every morning.

At night, she says that she also didn’t eat dinner if she’s still not home by 8pm.

But Varley’s turning point came when she went to visit a wolf sanctuary run by her cousins and developed a special bond with them.

Because of this therapeutic bond, she decided to move to New Hampshire with her fiancé Mathew Withem to help manage and run a wolf and wolf dog sanctuary. Where it is a home for 50 wolves and wolf dogs.

Sarah said:

‘Wolves are really powerful animals and if something p***es them off or you are doing something they do not like they are going to make it known.

‘But having that level of fear was what allowed me to start feeling. Before I was scared of everything around me, but when I was with a wolf I had a legitimate reason to be scared and respectful which gave me something to be focused on.

‘I think that respect and that need to be present is what helped me so much.. It allowed me to take back power over a traumatic event in my life and it has helped me heal.

‘I am so grateful to these animals – I feel very lucky.’ 

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