Top 3 Lines That Will Make You Say “That is so my mom!”


Our moms are the bosses of our lives. They love to make sure that everything’s in place both in your room and in your life.

While we sometimes fail to appreciate their concern and care for us, we still love them to bits and pieces because of their patience towards our crazy personalities.

While they love taking in charge, they also love TALKING. And she will never stop until we’ve surrendered to her, unless she’s already that mad. And you don’t wanna do that.

Here are the top 5 lines that will make us remember the craziest women in our lives that we will always love!

  1. “Can you help me put songs on my Iphone?”iphoneWe hear this line so much sometimes we just want to run away. But we always surrender and just do the job because we just love our moms too much.

2. “When was the last time you showered?”showerOur moms are our smell detector in the house. Two days with no shower will not escape her smelling powers.


3.“It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s them.”friendsWhile we sometimes don’t understand this line, we still appreciate how protective they are about us. After all, they are the one who took care of us since we were babies and we’re like precious diamonds to her.


Our moms can be annoying sometimes but we still love her and we won’t get tired of giving her kisses and hugs once in awhile. I think it is our best way of saying thank you for everything she has sacrificed for us.

Share this to your mom and give her a sweet kiss to make her day!

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